Keep your wine chilled in style without condensation on your table, protect the bottle from water/ice and get your guests attention.

Our stunning “Acino” copper wine bottle cooler is not quite like your ordinary wine cooler and will certainly be a conversation piece among your guests.

Our beautiful copper wine cooler is handcrafted in our workshop in Ravina, Italy and features a hand-hammered traditional leaf design as well as a “cork-screw” style handle. The wine cooler comes complete with a separate copper bottle insert that will protect your bottle from the ice and water in the cooler.

Cooper reacts quickly and efficiently to temperature change making this material not only effective for heating but also ideal for cooling. Only a little amount of ice in our Portaghiaccio and the bottle insert will be chilled immediately keeping your wine at the perfect drinking temperature.


Total Weight: 3.10lbs (1.64kg)
Total Height: 9.25″ (23.50cm)
Total Width: 8.25″ (21cm)
Bottle Inset Height: 6.25″ (15.90cm)
Bottle Inset Width: 4.5″ (11.50cm)

100% Hand-Crafted in our workshop in Ravina, Italy:

As all of our products, our copper wine cooler is hand-crafted in the Navarini workshop in northern Italy. The body is constructed from one single sheet of copper ensuring absolute even heat distribution from the base to the sides of the bowl.

High level of thermal adaptation:

Copper has a very high and efficient level of thermal adaptation. Hence copper is the perfect material for heating as well as for cooling. The bottle insert of our copper wine cooler will adapt the temperature quickly chilling and keeping your wine at the perfect drinking temperature.

Packed in a beautiful “Bottega Navarini” cloth bag:

As most of our larger copper products, our wine cooler will arrive packed in a beautiful blue “Bottega Navarini” cloth bag. Not only a fitting bag for our beautiful copper products but already treasured by our customers as a sign of an original Navarini.

Crafted by hand in the Navarini family workshop of Ravina, Italy.


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