Keeping your butter at the perfect consistency even in warmer temperatures, our copper butter keeper dish features a bell-shaped lid and consists out of 3 pieces:

– The lower container of the butter dish (water reservoir) holds the water to keep the butter cold.
– The tin-lined butter inset allowing the butter to rest in the water without getting wet.
– The bell-shaped lid securely covering the butter keeper.


Weight: 7 oz 180g
Height: 3.5” 9cm
Width: 3.25” 8.20cm

100% Hand-Crafted in our workshop in Ravina, Italy:

As all of our products, our copper cruets, as well as our butter keeper, are hand-crafted in the Navarini workshop in northern Italy. Constructed using several individual processes, the inside is completely protected with an even layer of 100% pure tin.

High quality, non-reactive & renewable tin-lining:

We only use high quality, 100% pure and non-reactive tin-lining for our copper products. Compared to other coating materials, our tin-lining can easily be renewed as often as desired and your cookware can be handed to the next generation.


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