Our handmade copper cup is the “vessel of choice” not only for Moscow Mule but also for other cocktails as well as for beer.

The traditional design is handcrafted from one single sheet of 100% pure copper. Cups made of pure copper are ideal for iced beverages and cold drinks since the material reacts very effective to temperature change.

Our copper cup holds about 12 fl.oz. and is completely tin lined on the inside. Every single cup is hand-tinned, using only 100% pure, non-reactive tin and utilizing the traditional fire-tinning method. This ensures an even and thick layer of protective tin on the inside of the cup.

Our hand-crafted copper cup is lined with 100% pure, non-reactive and replaceable tin-lining.


Opening: 3.125” (7.9cm)
Total Height: 4” (10cm)
Total Width: 5” (12.7cm)
Weight: 7.6oz (218gr)
Capacity: 12floz (0.35ltr)


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