We have so many customers asking about the difference between a casserole/braiser and a stew/stock pot. It might be a little confusing especially since you can pretty much prepare any dish in any of our copper pots as all of them can be either used on your stove or in the oven.

Casseroles or braisers are usually more shallow compared to stew/stock pots with the same width. Using this type of pot for braising meat means that a wider base allows you to brown your meat before it simmers. The low sides are also beneficial for dishes that fill out the pot such as casseroles since the heat distribution on the side is more effective compared to pots with taller sides.

Our rounded copper casserole is available in 5 different sizes and comes complete with a lid. All of our copper casseroles/braisers are made using one single sheet of 3mm thick pure copper providing a very fast and even heat distribution throughout the entire body of the cookware. The rounded transition from the sides of the pot to the base makes working with utensils inside the pot conveniently easy.

Our rounded copper casserole features 2 pure brass handles secured with pure copper rivets. The tinning is done utilizing the traditional fire-tinning method using only 100% pure tin.

Available sizes & capacities:

1.5qt. (1.4ltr.) – (W) 5.5″ x (H) 3.5″ (14cm x 9cm)
2.1qt. (2.0ltr.) – (W) 6.3″ x (H) 3.9″ (16cm x 10cm)
2.7qt. (2.5ltr.) – (W) 7.1″ x (H) 3.9″ (18cm x 10cm)
4.4qt. (4.2ltr.) – (W) 8.7″ x (H) 4.3″ (22cm x 11cm)
6.7qt. (6.4ltr.) – (W) 10.2″ x (H) 4.7″ (26cm x 12cm)

100% Hand-Crafted in our workshop in Ravina, Italy:

Our rounded copper casserole with lid is handcrafted in the Navarini workshop in northern Italy. The body and the lid of our copper casserole are constructed from one single sheet of copper ensuring absolute even heat distribution from the base to the sides of the pot. The two handles are made of high-quality brass and secured by pure copper rivets.

3mm thick, pure high-quality copper:

The copper used for our casserole is pure copper with a thickness of 3mm making this copper casserole equally suitable for gas as well as electric, glass, or ceramic stoves.

No unwanted hot spots, air pockets or loss of efficiency:

Another type of material such as stainless steel or aluminum as well as the way some cookware is constructed, might result in air pockets in the material, especially the base. These air pockets would allow heat to concentrate on one spot creating hot spots over time. The base of the Navarini copper casserole will never create any hot spots, air pockets or lose any of its superior heat conductivity as it is made of one single sheet of copper. This means that the thermal heat conductivity as well as heat retention will not only be superior to stainless steel or aluminum cookware but will retain its high level of efficiency throughout the lifetime of your Navarini copper cookware.

Exceptional heat conductivity and retention:

Copper conducts heat twice as fast as aluminum cookware, 5 times faster compared to cast iron, and over 25 times faster than stainless steel cookware. This time difference becomes obvious when it comes to heating up or changing the temperature during the cooking process. Changing the temperature on your stove translates into an immediate change in temperature in your copper cookware allowing cooking, browning, or braising to perfection.

Pure brass handles secured with pure copper rivets:

Our rounded copper casserole features 2 handles. We only use high-quality brass handles on any of our copper products as well as only secure them with pure copper rivets. The lid handle is also secured with copper rivets.

Hand-hammered for enhanced durability and structure:

Our rounded copper casserole, including the lid, is entirely hand-hammered. Hand-hammered copper cookware adds strength and enhances the structure & durability of the material. In addition, hand-hammered characterizes true artisanship.

High quality, non-reactive & renewable tin-lining using traditional fire-tinning method:

We only use high quality, 100% pure, and non-reactive tin-lining for our copper products as well as applying the lining utilizing the traditional method of fire-tinning. The advantage is that the heat conductivity of the tin lining corresponds perfectly with the copper. Hence, translates desired changes in cooking temperature immediately to the food allowing much more cooking control and better results. Compared to other coating materials, our tin lining can easily be renewed as often as desired and your cookware can be handed to the next generation.

High level of heat tolerance:

Our copper cookware including the non-reactive and renewable tin-lining has a high heat tolerance of up to 450° Fahrenheit (230° Celsius). One of the reasons why our copper cookware is preferred by professional chefs around the world.

Rounded transition from the base to the side:

Rather than having straight sides, this particular casserole is crafted with a smooth and rounded transition from the base to the sides of the cookware. This rounded transition makes working the food with utensils easier and more efficient.

Packed in a beautiful “Bottega Navarini” cloth bag:

As with most of our larger copper products, our copper casserole will arrive packed in a beautiful blue “Bottega Navarini” cloth bag. Not only a fitting bag for our beautiful copper products but is already treasured by our customers as a sign of an original Navarini.

Crafted by hand in the Navarini family workshop in Ravina, Italy.


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